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Common Problems Faced while logging into the Comcast Router

Comcast is one of the most reputed and very popular companies when it comes to making routers. In 2010 they rebranded themselves and shifted most of their physical products under a new name called Xfinity. Only time shall tell how successful this rebranding will be. The facts are daunting like Comcast is the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue. It is also the second largest pay-TV company just after AT&T. Common problems faced while logging into the comcast router:

How to login for a Xfinity(Comcast) router?

This the very first step where a lot of the users get stuck. Itís all very simple. 1. You need to be connected to your comcast router via ethernet cable or wifi to be able to login 2. Once you are connected, just open any browser on that device and enter the address, always make sure of the zeros in the address as any addition like might actually not open the page 3. is the default address to access the login page of a comcast router. In case this address doesn't work, you can try the other alternatives such as or by typing them in the address bar. Make sure of one thing which is to not use https:// or http:// in front of the IP address. 4. Once the login screen appears, now you can enter your credentials such as the username and password. In case itís your first time, use the below credentials which are set by default Username: Root / User / Admin Password: Motorola High-speed Password / W2402 / password 5. Thatís it, once you enter the details you can access the network settings and fiddle with them

Comcast router login doesnít load

The login page is the userís main access to play with the network settings. Just in case, it doesnít work there are few checks that you need to do, they are: 1. If you are using the internet via an ethernet cable then ensure that that cable is connected from both the ends. If you are using wifi then make sure your wifi is working properly. See for all the ports and if possible, restart the router 2. Since comcast router is very popular, there are too many of them in proximity which is why double check the network you are trying to connect. You may have set a wrong comcast router IP address as the default one. Check for the IP address in command prompt with the help of ipconfig command 3. Comcast router forgot password: this clearly is one of the biggest reason for the cause of misery for all comcast router users. We often take our routerís username and password for granted by not storing it in a safe location. In case you forget the username and password, you can try logging in with the help of the default username and password if the details were never changed. In case you forgot the password after it was changed from the default credentials then you can opt for factory reset which is done by long pressing the reset button on your router. It will reset your router and now you can safely login by the help of default username and password.

Here are the possible username and password combinations:

Xfinity home router login : Username: admin Password: password -------------------------------------------- Comcast Router login dpc3939 (Cisco ) : The login IP address for a Comcast router is same as used for Username: admin Password: password -------------------------------------------- Comcast Admin login dpc3939b (Cisco): The standard IP address to access the login page is unless reprogrammed by the customer. The default static IP for the modem is Visit this is IP address and login using the below credentials Username: cusadmin Password: highspeed -------------------------------------------- Comcast X1 Router Login: Username: Admin Password: password -------------------------------------------- Comcast router default login Username: Admin Password: password --------------------------------------------

Cannot login to comcast router

The main reason behind this issue is that the user has typed the wrong address to access the default gateway page. Often users do a goof up with the amount of zeros and ones in the IP address. You may be redirected something else if you go with the ip address so alway ensure you are typing as the other IP address may not be valid for your router. There are alternatives but the best way is to find out by checking the ipconfig command in your command prompt screen.

Xfinity router login failed

This is a similar problem to that we discussed above. If you have already changed the default username and password then go ahead and reset the router else try hard finding the actual username and password which was changed by you, to avoid going through the hassle of configuring everything from scratch. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read more at: