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Flash Toys At I'm Chidori_Chan.The Princess Ninja in the Cloud Village.Never heard of it? I can show you the map of the Ninja World. Naruto Map There.Now do you see?

Flash Toys At As you know,(or probably don't,)I'm a ninja.How obvious.Well,I've got a clan,and a demon tiger within me.Watch your back.I'm also from There.See meh pretty profile.XD If you've got any comments,please log on or make an account to comment me on my profile.But I won't be online on Wednesday for those who are Asian or something.Tuesday for Americans or something.But just post away.Thank you for the comments anyway!!! :-D I've got pretty mean techniques.I'm as smart as Shikamaru,Neji,and Sasuke put together.Of course,I've got friends. Here's my quote for this profile of mine.

Flash Toys at

Lava Lamp from

Flash Toys At Don't be jealous if I'm prettier than you are........>:D Purple Haired Ninja michiyo ninja purple hair pink eyes

Flash Toys At Yes,I have nothing more to say.So,until we meet,stay cautious.Eat everyday.Brush your teeth.(XD)Farewell. Oh yes one more thing......

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Flash Toys at

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