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The primary aim of bringing a product in view is to find relevant buyer for it. This is simply what is meant by marketing. Marketing has a key role to play in the world today. It is however, the activities involved in transferring goods from a producer to a consumer.

Nowadays, the number of companies who render one service or the other is on the increase. The market places where these products and services are issued have been densely congested and this gives room to unhealthy competition. It is also; regrettably observed that the goods and services do not get to all those demanding for them due to actors like: communication gap, distance barrier, transportation, cost, etc.

However, internet services, like, have gone a long way to solve these problems. In the recent time, internet business has taken over the market world. Many firms and industries market their products and render services on line today. These products and services sometimes are not rendered by the owner of the product but by a publisher who is also known as the affiliate. The method of handing over the sale of products and services to an affiliate is referred to as affiliate marketing. Therefore, affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products and earning a commission in return especially when a sale is made.

How Does It Work?

Thus, the commission can either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the sale made as agreed between the advertiser and the affiliate.

To Become an Affiliate

One can become an affiliate only when he knows the following:

The following must be done in order to identify the right product:

How to Promote a Product