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Tea Boxes - We offer Buy custom Tea Boxes Online. Kay Packaging is specialized in custom
packaging solutions, we deliver at your door step across USA, no shipping charges, 24/7
customer service. Custom Tea

Tea is the most ancient and largest utilizing drink in all over the world. Tea exports/imports
worldwide because of itís extremely demand. Now it is highly purchasing demand in every country
needs new strategies to distribute it and in order to this first step is packaging. If packing
of product is, look fine it attracts to the consumer and demand goes to high. For tea
packaging, tea-box is the best option. If tea-box will be manufactured with quality production,
the bags under it will safe and fresh till long time. 

There are various types of tea-box available in the market easily, in which paperboard, wooden
and plastic tea-boxes are most famous. Wooden tea-boxes are used occasionally for giving
presents and gifts. They are heavy in weight. Plastic tea boxes are used for tea powder, not
for tea bags but paperboard tea-box is commonly used for tea bags in our daily life and it
demand is also high because it is available economically and in cheap cost. Therefore, those
companies highly recommend paperboard tea-boxes for packing their tea product (Tea bags). Here
are some features discussed below regarding paperboard tea-box.

Kay Packaging is providing their services as tea-box manufacturer. Assurance of quality is
mandatory. All types and design of tea-box are available according to need of consumer. They
are fulfilling all types of demand of customer like wooden tea-box as present for a particular
customer or in bulk as company requirement, plastic and paperboard tea-boxes are also prepare
as customer need.

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Location:- 99 Wall Street Suite #156 New York NY 10005   USA

Contact Number:-800-604-1874