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name: Philipa Rosette age: 17 appearance: Photobucket Philipa is kind at heart, but she is really bad with people. She's extremely innocent and can be a bit slow sometimes despite how smart she is. She puts a lot of faith in people, probably a lot more than she should. Name: Jared Thime age: 18 appearance: Photobucket brief bio: Jared was abused when he was much younger and has trust issues as a result, though he has a much more caring adopted family now that had the money to send him to boarding school. Jared is quiet and reserved and can sometimes come off as cold. Really he just doesn't particularly like socializing, despite the fact that half the school is in love with him. He only talks to people he finds worth talking to, like his friend Andrew. ( (; ) Name: Anthia age: 16 appearance: Photobucket Brief bio: Anthia get's picked on quite a bit for liking books more than actual people. Anthia is kind and caring but quiet and shy. Name: Peter age: 17 appearance: Photobucket Brief Bio: Peter has a dark past. (I like to figure this out as I go xD) dark and quiet, pretty much the strong silent type. Name: Aria Age: 16 Looks: Photobucket Persona: too innocent for her own good, kind and sweet, but stubborn as a mule when it comes to the safety and health of others. power: reading hearts. (NOT MINDS, hearts. she can see your heart's greatest desires (: ) Name: Blaise age: 17 looks: Photobucket power: control of metal Persona: He's kind of cinical and cold at times but he doesn't mean to be. Well guarded, but kind and very protective. A gentlemen. name: Damien age: 19 appearance: Photobucket personality: Dark and quiet, reserved and calm. He's a classic gentlemen though sometimes he can come off as cold, as he doesn't really trust people easily. He isn't one to mess about. Name: River age: 17 appearance: Photobucket personality: comes across as rather odd and even a bit creepy. She's never minded blood and gore and is really pretty quiet. Name: Effigie (Ef-i-gee) (nicknamed Effie) age: 17 appearance: Photobucket personality: I kind of like to develop this as I go, but basically he's rather quiet and bad with people, and sometimes can even come across as cold, but he has a kind heart and is protective of those he loves. However he is scarred from his past and strives for forgiveness and to be a better person than he once was. other: a tattoo of bat wings spanning across his shoulder blades. Biography: Effie's mother commited suicide after being depressed for years. His father became depressed as a result and started doing drugs, and became rather neglegent of his child. Effie went through a stage of rebellion where he went to parties, drank, smoked, and even did drugs like his father... but one day when he got in a car accident drunk driving and nearly got those involved killed, he realized he needed to pull his life together. This happened very recently and he is still getting over the drugs and alcohol, though he went to rehab for a few months. He ran away from home when his father lost his temper and hit him. name: Prince Ishta Malone age: 18 appearance: Photobucket personality: Dark and quiet, very mysterious and secretive Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket