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Our Industry Specific CNC Tool Carts - The Raw Material Overview

UratechUSA is a decade old concern, knowing the market standards and industrial needs. A clear
understanding and the well-versed experience in the machining field guides us to create the
feasible CNC storage cabinets with fine quality. Uratech always excels in their product design
and quality, which helps the customer to safeguard their work place and investments. Our tool
cart offers the best support to the machine tools which tends the business to increase their

A clear market study helps us to design the fine quality product which fits most of the
industrial requirement. To withstand a longer run, the raw material used for manufacturing our
tool carts are particularly hand-picked with extra care.CNC Tool trolley is our major product
which is highly demandable one in the market. According to your industrial area and
specifications, you can pick the best from our variety of tool storage trolleys we manufacture.
Here in this blog, you can able to learn more about the types of CNC tool cart that we
manufacture and the raw materials used to build it.

Types of CNC Tool Cart We Manufacture:

The need of CNC tool storage cabinets will differ according to the industries. To offer the
vital requirements of the customer, UratechUSA manufactures 6 types of industry specific CNC
Tool carts, which suit the best for all type of industries.

	Floor Model (All types of CNC Holders)
	Steps Model (All types of CNC Holders)
	Ladder Model (All types of CNC Holders)
	Shelf Model (All types of CNC Holders)
	Secured Model (All types of CNC Holders)
	Bench Model (All types of CNC Holders)
Cold Rolled Steel:

Cold rolled steel is a type of raw material used in our unique CNC trolley manufacturing. In
this process the steel metal is used to roll in the room temperature which helps the sheet to
have perfect finishing and gives a good look to the CNC cart. Therefore, there will be no extra
patching works needed to make it look properly. For our specific CNC tool cart, we use (16
gauge Thickness, 1.6mm (0.063)) to gain High Strength & Durability.
Nylon Inserts:

Due to its thermoplastic feature and its ability to withstand heat, nylons were used as the raw
material for inserts. It also gives us the great advantage of having greater rigidity and
strength. Nylon was the first commercially successful synthetic thermoplastic polymer. These
inserts were used in the industrial area to safeguard the tools, particularly the workplace
which emits greater amount of heat.

Uratech offers 2 variants of inserts, one is lockable and the other is unlockable.

Lockable inserts firmly hold the tool in one position which prevents the Holders from Shaking
while moving through rough surfaces. The lockable tool storage trolleys has its unique features
which makes it the fastest moving model in the industry. UnLockable inserts can also hold the
machine tools, and these types of inserts are used for specific purposes. So, according to your
requirements, you can choose the best which suits your ideal needs.

Powder Coating:
Powder coating is a procedure in which the paint is sprayed over the material to give a perfect
finish to the product. Since cold rolled steel is the raw material, this particular method
gives a unique and mirror finishing to the cart. Its unique feature offers the CNC tool cart
products to resist from corrosion and it offers rust free industrial environment.

Nuts with Nylon:

The perfect assembly structured tool should withhold the capacity of the tool within the body
strength of a tool cart. When the parts of the CNC storage cabinets are fixed and screwed
perfectly, it can bear a huge load. So, a p perfect screwing and fixing should be done to avoid
accidental damages. For the finest body structure and fitness of the Cart, we use Nylon
inserted nuts. Nuts with the nylon piece at the end of it help to avoid the loosening of the
tool when used in the rough industrial floor. It seems the nuts and bolts were very small
figure, but when compared to the lifetime of the tool, they play a major part of it.

Aluminium handle:

Due to its lightweight, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic and many other features, aluminium
is used as the raw material in most of the industrial products. At Uratech, we make use of
aluminium as the raw material to make the finest tool handles which withstands for a long. 

Peg Boards:

Pegboards are used in some of the CNC tool carts, as they help in hanging the tools in the
stand for easy access. For slightly bigger or varied tools the hooks also differ as it needs to
withstand the weight. These peg boards save a lot of time as it helps the workers to have a
simple access to their tool needs whenever they require. It can also avoid lots of mess in the
work area.

Castors are the most important material for the movement of the cart on the working floor.
There are 2 types of materials which were used in manufacturing our CNC Holders tool trolley. One is rigid which allows only
forward and backward movements and another one with swivels which are responsible for multiple
directions. These swivels castors have the feature of breaks which allows us to control the
cart quite easily. Polyurethane Caster Wheels with Ball Bearings resist most chemicals, cushion
loads, and help in protecting floors. Ball bearings allow wheels to run directly on the axle or
spanner bushing. Polyurethane cores help cushion loads and offer superior chemical and water
resistance. These castors are made up of polyurethane to ensure smooth rolling in the
industrial area. They can able to withhold a load capacity of up to 11000lbs.

Visit our website or call us anytime to know more details about the variant of CNC tool carts
that UratechUSA manufactures. If there is customization to be done in the products according to
your industrial needs, we deliver the best which suits your ideal requirements.