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Name: Kimzie Age: 11 Race: Vietnamese-American. Operating System: Bamboo Wacom Tablet. Mouse RIP TABLETNevermind. Kupika: Real_FaerieClubKim DragonAdopters: QAJenova Deviantart: QAJenova Youtube: QAJenova Gmail: QAJenova Drawing Skills: Stereotypical anime/manga, semi-realism Art Progress: Please go to for updates. Or go to And Working on: a anime/manga called Blue Roses and a trilogy series called TRAVERSE. Script of the anime: still in progress. -- Tagline/most said phrase If On Crack: When I am older............*does the mustang miniskirt pose* I WILL BE TEH BEST ANIME/MANGA ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!! Fav Food: Chicken Fav Dessert: CHOCOLATE. Fav genre of music: I'm a music appreciator. Fav genre of game: RPG, roleplay, Platform Fav genre of literacy: adventure, historical fiction, novels, series Fav Book: The Edge Of The Sword by Rebecca Tingle, and any Horror novel or Tragic Romance Novel. Fav song: Read fav genre of music. MySpace Widgets ----------------------------