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In basic definition, a seawater flake ice machine is designed in such a way to
become extra resistant to the corrosion cause by seawater. We all know that the reason for the
high rusting rates of metals near the seas is because of the seawater being salty. Putting this
into consideration, some ice machines might not last even for a month when use in the seas, so
the seawater flake ice machine was invented. 

Even though it is specifically designed for seagoing vessels, there is not harm in
getting one for your house or premises. This is typically the situation when you leave in
places adjacent a salty lake, ocean or sea. As compared to other icemakers, these ones have
been reinforced with extra protective materials.

Seawater flake ice machines used mostly in preservation purposes as compared
to the other machines. Such is the case when talking about vegetable, fruits, meat, and fish,
which go bad easily when left in open air for long. Of them all, fish finds the most use as it
can go bad overnight without proper storage conditions. If you are a vendor of fish, you can
reduce your loses by acquiring one of these units for use in your business. Refrigeration
maintains the ingredients of the foodstuffs, making them look and taste better and fresh even
after long-term storage.

Another use of seawater flake ice machine is in storage of chemicals and
blood. Once blood is donated, it has a minimal time before the cells die and the blood
considered unsuitable. Some chemical also need storage under refrigeration as they can react
with the environment and lose their chemical nature. Such compounds are hence stored in flake
ice machine. Even so, the usage extends into bars and cold drinks shops for the freezing of drinks and beverages.
By putting the drinks in the machine, you will still attain the required levels of
refrigeration required. To reduce the wok don by man, some of these units are automated and
will control the ice amounts in them accordingly.

If you have any questions about under counter ice machines or ice machine efficiency, email us and we will be glad to