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When I initially purchased this bicycle, I purchased a handle bar speaker framework for it. I
could hear the music, however the quality was poor. (Each tune seemed like the Chipmunks were
singing it.) Recently I was taking a gander at another framework at Harley Davidson that looked
encouraging for $500! I discovered this hear for such a great deal less and it had great
audits. I likewise took in what I could from different sites and got it. I experienced some
difficulty finding a reasonable place to mount the intensifier, yet in the long run oversaw it
(in the wake of including somewhat off weatherization) and I was dumbfounded at the nature of
the sound. It's uproarious and has great bass. No more Chimpmunks. It looks okay, as well. I
couldn't be more joyful. I found that I had some electronic clamor if there were no music
playing while it was one, however this might be a wiring issue that isn't the blame of this
item. Regardless, I purchased an in-line commotion channel and unraveled it economically and
effortlessly. I connect my telephone to it and play music, hear GPS directions and (in light of
the fact that I have an iRadar (radar indicator)) radar cautions that I never could hear. For
hell's sake, in the event that I had a decent bone mic, I could even chat on the telephone. I
detest chatting on the telephone. Be that as it may, I could!
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