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Instruction manual for freezer chest

Upon receipt, carefully inspect the chest for damage and completeness. Usually, with it must be special shelves for convenient storage of food. Replace it horizontally. It is recommended to plug in the device only after 5 to 6 hours after installation, it should take room temperature and settle. Before the first start, you must be sure to wash the internals of the chest with warm water and vinegar. It will remove from it possible dust and unpleasant odors. Remember that next to the chest there should be no heating devices or stove. Also, do not get direct sunlight on the device. Vent holes at the bottom of the chest should be open. Plug in the appliance and press the appropriate button on it. Set the temperature (mechanical knob or buttons, depending on the model). The manual has all the necessary information about it. Give the device the desired temperature. Best chest freezer for example, go to the operating mode after 4-6 hours depending on the volume. A special indicator lights up on them. After that, you can load products into the freezer. They are best packed in special plastic containers or simply wrapped in pockets. They must be dry, otherwise they will just freeze to the walls of the chamber. Also study how many products can be frozen in your model at a time. They can not be loaded all at once, the compressor simply can not cope with the load and the quality of the frost will suffer. In household models, you can lay 2-5 kg at a time, in commercial and industrial models, 7 - 15 kg. The shelf life of products depends on their quality. It is usually not advisable to keep in the chest for more than six months, although certain categories of food can persist for up to 12 months.

How to unfreeze the freezer

You must set the temperature switch to the maximum value in order to further cool the products stored in it a day before defrosting. Think about where you will store them at this time. Defrosting is recommended in the spring, when the products in the chamber are the least. Pull the plug out of the socket, remove all the products and put them in a cool place. Cover them to avoid thawing. If the ice in the chamber is small, then remove it with a special scraper, without much effort. In most models, there is a special hole at the bottom for draining the water. Open it according to the instructions. Do not close the door to speed up the process. After thawing, remove excess moisture with a cloth and rinse the surface with warm water and vinegar. After the camera has dried, close the drain hole and the cover, switch the device into an outlet and after loading into the operating mode, load the products into it.