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It was a fun project, We built a custom field for my truck (standard cab) and used these
speakers due to size. My spouse and i wanted something that didn't sacrifice any leg room and
add a little more acoustical depth to songs. Our factory set up I had was about as bad as
escalator muzak resonating in a tin can. I put amount of time in building and carpeting the
speaker box, I minimize and mounted the tweeters into the door where the mirrors are, I am just
happy and pleased with the results, the green speakers in an environmentally friendly carpeted
box is pleasing. The filters are an excellent touch. I ended up using those filters in the
doorway with a different set of speakers. the bottom line is these speakers won't win accolades
but are fair to replace factory speakers, and the music did improve from what did I had formed.
It did meet my expectations, if you are looking for quality, look somewhere else. If you have a
scenario similar to mine, I might do it again.
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