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Convert OST to PST files responsibly yet in carefree way:
The process of OST conversion is quite complex and often concludes with either loss of files or
their corruption. If  ost to pst converter  want
to avoid this from happening, getting the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software might be your best
option. It takes the full responsibility of the conversion, all the client gets to see is few
simple steps and their task is done. Let  MAC  get
to the intrinsic features of the tool.

Smooth and safe conversion with USL Software:

The procedure to convert OST to PST or any other format is now devoid of the common risks associated with data conversion, all thanks to the OST Extractor Pro. The feature which is highly appreciated due to the amount of time it saves to the clients is the batch conversion technique. This technique aids in the conversion of hundreds of files at once, thus reducing the amount of time otherwise consumed. The good news is that the efficiency of the conversion during bulk conversion remains the same as in simple conversion.

Jeopardized folder structure, so common with other converters, is not an issue for the clients of the OST Extractor Pro. It maintains a clean screen space by decluttering and arranging the scattered Calendar files into a single Outlook folder. Also, as the task is done, it quickly arranges the files in the proper order of hierarchy. Thus, the clients can enjoy neat arrangement of files and would never have to waste their time searching for files.

Precision is the hallmark of the OST Extractor Pro in mail conversion. In order to achieve accuracy, this tool has developed the ability to preserve unique components. Data like Unicode, headers, metadata, address fields, etc. are preserved in their primary state without disturbance through and after the process. Attachment files and nested messages too are extracted and kept intact with the root mail files.

Since people are usually unaware of the fact that the OST format is unsafe for their data, they go on using it for years to collect data. This is the reason one finds their files in different formats of OST when they go forth to convert them. This would not pose a problem to the clients of the OST Extractor Pro since this tool is expert at handling all the formats of OST, new and old. One can use it to convert files in the Exchange 5.0 version to 2017 version easily.

There are no loose threads which may ruin your experience of data conversion while using the OST Extractor Pro. Not only mails, but even files of Contacts, Calendars, and Addresses are converted using this app. Size of the files does not alter the efficiency of the task either. Huge OST files can be converted with the same ease as are small files with this app.

Try the free demo version of this app if you want a first-hand experience of the tool, and you would not be disappointed as it has almost all the features of the full version. Contact us on our helpline number for further information.