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Mounted in 1999 Yukon as alternative to Ceiling audio system. Very easy install, magnetic will
hit ceiling, remove spacer from front area of OEM speakers using flat blade screw new driver,
snip away tweeter with side cutters and mount spacer over back aspect of speaker therefore it
serves as a spacer (fits perfect and holes range up. This moves the magnet faraway from ceiling
and all holes get in line great used screws which were a little over 1". So far as sound I have
2 - 12" subs run at 400 RMS And so I just needed altitudes and tight Mids these provide exactly
that and they sound great straight off the Sony head device!! BTW if you mount an aftermarket
radio plus your rear door speakers are generally not working hook up the green antenna wire
from the oem harness to the blue remote control or power antenna result of your custom deck or
any 12v accessories (key-on pwr) source. This kind of powers the factory amplfying device which
only powers the rear door speakers.
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