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Tips on how to Make Christmas Ornaments With Styrofoam Balls and Fabric

Some time ago I stumbled upon an easy to use and fun strategy for making beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments. These may be generated for presents or your personal tree. You can create them a single afternoon along with your kids or friends.

Styrofoam Balls: choice of sizes, but no bigger than a baseball.
Fabric Squares: choice of sizes as well as kinds of fabric, try glitzy and velvets.
Equipment: of ribbon, beads, sequins, buttons, rickrack, costume jewelry, ribbon roses or and other things you would like to embellish your ornament with.
Hot Glue Gun and Scissors: to reduce and glue your pieces.
Thread: for tying and tightening
Small Pins and Tacks: to utilize ribbon and beads.

Basic Techniques:

Select a gorgeous square little bit of fabric. Place a Styrofoam ball in the center of the square.

Step 2:
Take all corners and gather them towards the core Styrofoam ball (this is tips on how to determine which size square utilizes which size ball).Bring your little bit of precut thread and tightly wrap it round the gathered area , dab it with a little little bit of hot glue therefore it doesn't unravel.

Step # 3:
Now you can determine if you must cut the gathered section of the fabric or leave it. It totally is determined by the way looks. When the fabric seems too bulky in that area then you can shear it flat. Should you choose plan to cut the top portion off then you certainly must take care of that area having a ribbon rose or beads.

Step . 4:
You must create a loop with ribbon, or beads on a wire, and connect it down the middle of the Styrofoam ball which has a pin or tack and again a little bit of glue; in the same area in which you gathered and cut the pad. This loop is when you will hang the ornament around the tree.

Step . 5:
The actual real fun begins. Start attaching ribbon or beads or buttons; the embellishments which you have chosen. You should use little sequin pins or tacks and stick things in from the fabric and into the ball. Always employ a small dab of glue; you don't want anything falling!

Once you think your ornament is done twirl it around and make certain it seems wonderful from all of angles. Make sure to cover or hide whatever doesn't look attractive. You can create many different sizes of ornaments. These are quite light and easy to hold.

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