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Louis Tomlinson announces Australian tour dates

He's been focusing on his solo music career since One Direction went on 'hiatus' almost four years ago. Vulnerable Senate Republicans Shrink From Defending Trump. Senate Republicans up for re-election in 2020, fearful of straying too far from Mr. Trump yet at pains to defend him, have adopted a strategy of saying as little as possible. Brightest supermoon since 1948. See photos of November's supermoon -- the brightest in nearly 70 years. Are you smarter than a biology student? Put your knowledge to the test with these uni questions. buy progesterone similar created by British student accommodation provider Nido Student aims to test whether members of the public are smarter than a biology student - but how will you fare? Wind-whipped wildfires sweep north of Los Angeles, as California's wine region also burns. Wildfires are spreading through out California, from neighborhoods north of Los Angeles to the state's famed wine country, forcing tens of thousands of residents to evacuate. Why Many Top Hoops Recruits Wont Be at the N.C.A.A.s New Showcases. Leaders of college basketball have spent $10 million on the new camps in response to a corruption scandal. But those who would ideally participate havent embraced the changes. UK asset managers face tougher checks on investment policy, green credentials. Asset managers in Britain face tougher checks on how they hold companies and other assets they invest in to account, and must for the first time consider environmental, social and governance factors like climate change. Why don't YOU try... ... being prepared, whatever the April weather. Partizan Belgrade 0-1 Manchester United - Europa League 2019/20 Live score and updates. Paris and Partizan couldn't have felt more different, but Manchester United won't mind. They have their first away win in any competition since that memorable March evening in the French capital. Naomi Osaka to choose Japan nationality for Tokyo Olympics. Tennis star Naomi Osaka has decided to take sole Japanese nationality over US citizenship with a view to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, according to Japanese public broadcaster NHK. Electric car drivers could be given green number plates to allow them to use bus lanes. Drivers of electric cars in the UK could be given green number plates that allow them to use bus lanes and park for free. (Examples of the number plates, pictured.). Police fire shots to stop armed man driving stolen ambulance in Oslo. Online Drugs armed man who stole an ambulance and hit several people was arrested Tuesday in Oslo, Norway, local police said. Ingo Maurer, Designer Known as a Poet of Light, Dies at 87. Mr. Maurers wonky fascination with technology led to lamps he made out of scribbled memos, tea strainers and incandescent bulbs with feathered wings. Japanese Golf Resorts Look to Foreigners to Sustain Growth. Koreans are fanatical when it comes to golf, one resort official said. They can do 36 holes every day. Fed Signals a Rate Cut Remains Possible, Despite Glimmers of Economic Hope. Cheap Online Pharmacy looks possible, and China trade tensions eased slightly. That probably will not stop the Federal Reserve from cutting rates again this month. Pairs Well with Weed. The first marijuana restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif. is a branding exercise. What does it mean for the industry? Despite Their Promises, Giant Energy Companies Burn Away Vast Amounts of Natural Gas. Exxon, Marathon, BP and others are flaring natural gas, a wasteful practice with consequences in the fight against climate change,at a record pace.