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A few Action Movies That Ought to have a Sequel
With Hollywood constantly on the lookout intended for a good story to inform, it seems amazing
mysteriously the potential for a new sequel have been overlooked using regard to some unique
action movies which obviously left part of the storyline untold. Whatever the reason for the
absence of follow-up, we however think that there are a great tale to be related in the action
motion pictures listed below, all of which will left us questioning what might have come

Top Gun

Have anyone ever thought about what hotshot jet aviator Tom Vacation cruise did immediately after returning in order to the Top Gun university? With his triumph around a Russian MiG together with also over his unique self-doubts, it seems natural that there was initially would be fertile ground to learn on what grew to become regarding his / her career as a good jet martial artist pilot. Possibly though many years own elapsed since the movie's original release, some sort of sequel has actually recently been planned, and is scheduled to get impending showing, so numerous of our concerns have to get answered.


This film had some sort of really interesting premise in that the idea depicted some sort of young person who understood he acquired the power to help immediately teleport to any place whatsoever about the globe. Hayden Christensen starred within the first version regarding this film, plus it would certainly be great to observe how a story could end up being extended. The initial history series called for a good steady realization that they really was not absolutely free of charge, but was actually part of a new global battle which suggested the presence of his gifted people. It seems there could be any number regarding further themes that may possibly be woven directly into that thrilling basic history range.

Galaxy Goal

Granted, this video is usually as much a humor as it is an action film, although that still deserves a new follow up, if nothing else due to the huge pairing of Harry Allen, Sam Rockwell, and even Alan Rickman. Regrettably, Rickman has since passed away from you, nevertheless Tim Allen is definitely as funny as at any time, and that alone might offer ample material regarding the sequel. In the initial, Tim Allen has the probability to convert the television figure into a real life identity for the reason that a group of aliens misinterpreted the Galaxy Pursuit television show to be a actual record of Soil history. Even nevertheless the ending was solid, and did not always reveal the possibility of a new sequel, it may be great to see what Claire Allen could do along with a further flight through place.

Remo Williams: The Adventure Will begin

In the original version of this motion movie, Fred Ward was seen because the title character, who was some sort of police police officer whose death had been faked so that they could possibly be converted into a ultra spy. Your dog is aided by way of a mentor and even learn who helps your pet enhance himself from an over weight and out of shape police officer, into a martial arts expert that can ditch gravity. The story had a good very appealing plot, and was left wide open for a sequel which will never made it in order to film. The storyline is usually based on a good series of dime novels called The Destroyer, and if anyone study a good few involving these, it should become apparent there's plenty associated with material for a superior sequel.

Big Problems in Little China

This under-rated action motion picture centered around a pickup truck car owner named Jack Burton who is portrayed by Kurt Russell, and who else constitutes a stop in Chinatown to be involved in a good lovely poker game. From this modest beginning, the story ratchets up to involve the hero Russell saving the world from an ancient demon bent on Earth's destruction. What makes this story consequently exciting and so worthwhile of a follow up, will be Russell's portrayal regarding Burton as a bungling kind of anti-hero, who does every thing opposite but still helps you to save the world nearly by way of accident. Whispers about the follow up have occasionally appeared around Hollywood, but sad to say, nothing at all has ever manufactured it to help film.

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