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A metamorphosis in the province

18 years have passed since the previous director's project of Jocelyn Moorhouse.
"The Dressmaker" is therefore an interesting undertaking, the more that it combines stylistically different genres of melodrama, grotesque, comedy and western. Despite the apparent contradiction, Moorhouse perfectly combined the story of childhood trauma, a mysterious murder of the past and mocking elegance against the background of the Australian province of the 1950s. Myrtle "Tilly" Dunnage (Kate Winslet) is a beautiful and elegant designer who made a career in Parisian salons. After 25 years, he decides to return to his hometown, from which the inhabitants banished her many years ago. As a little girl she was accused of causing a tragic accident. But what does Tilly's return to Australian Province involve? Is she driven by a desire for revenge, a concern for her mother (Judy Davis), which the town's inhabitants call "Crazy Molly", or maybe the desire to settle accounts with the past? Kate Winslet White Hot ProductionsApollo MediaFilm Art MediaScreen Australia Judy Davis White Hot ProductionsApollo MediaFilm Art MediaScreen Australia The plot of the film revolves around a tragic accident from the past when a local boy Stuart dies.
As in any small town, here in the Australian province we have a small local community that hides its own secrets and is governed by its own laws. It is no wonder then that the return of the once persecuted main heroine causes considerable sensation among the inhabitants. Especially when it turns out that the talented Tilly sews wonderful outfits that become a hit among hostile women. Will the external transformation into elegant ladies also cause their internal metamorphosis? Rebecca Gibney, Shane Jacobson, Mark Leonard Winter, Sarah Snook White Hot ProductionsApollo MediaFilm Art MediaScreen Australia Amanda Woodhams, Sarah Snook, Hayley Magnus White Hot ProductionsApollo MediaFilm Art MediaScreen Australia "The Dressmaker" is a great show of the artistry of Kate Wins. Playing the role of Tilly had the opportunity to show the full spectrum of its capabilities. In an instant she can transform from a woman exuding sex appeal into a melodramatic, straight girl from the neighborhood. She presented her talent to her partner actor Judy Davis as a grumpy and sick mother Tilly and Hugo Weaving as a local sergeant with a shameful secret.

Noteworthy is the supporting role of Sarah Snook, who played the ugly duckling transforming into a swan due to Tilly's talent. An important element of the production is the breathtaking beautiful Australian scenery, to which refined dresses sewn by the main character do not match. Women parading in elegant dresses look grotesque against the background of wooden houses and a poor town. The perfect complement to the climate is amazing music by David Hirschfelder. The whole was made at a high level, and the way Moorhouse made an interesting combination of seemingly contradictory film genres makes it difficult to determine in which direction the further story will go. .