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The Wait Is Over: Free Comic Book Day Is This Actually Saturday, May 4!

Hey sites! It's Adam from GeekRest here, welcoming you back to a new episode of this SEVENTH Day! This is our weekly comic book news recap video where we simply just share our thoughts on some with the latest comic strip news over the previous week including offers you storylines, announcements and internal happenings within the comic book industry. Essentially, we're talking shop and turning the camera on!

I've loved the as well as character of Batman since childhood, it's the fulfillment of a big dream of mine to drawn his adventures. But, I love drawing ANY characters.

Is it Tuesday already? It seems like we just the Tuesday yesterday evening. Tuesdays have become synonymous with comics books among supporters. You don't believe me? The guy at work that rocks back and forth in his or her chair while humming the Superman theme, he's preparing himself achievable comic book day on Wednesday. There are this week's highlights.

May 1 - Global Love Day - The Love Foundation is celebrating this day with many events and free downloadable music. signed the Dallas proclamation in 2006 while using the theme "Love Begins with Me".

Free free comics is held the first Saturday might each year or so. Participating comic book shops across the land and inside the world provide comics liberated to anyone who comes their own stores. Different shops have policies with regards to the number of comics you'll then get for free, a person will receive at least one free comic advertising go in order to some participating pl.

"I wasn't into them as a kid, being a children's and teen librarian, fix get immersed in it, and you get sucked into the passion some people have in order for it. It's contagious," LeBeau announced.

This Saturday is a great opportunity gain some freebies and renew your love of comic records. While you're visiting these fantastic local comic shops, it's best to check out their selections of horror graphic classic tomes.