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Give me a chance to introduce this by saying that I am really assessing the DXi arrangement of
these speakers, which is the 'Best Buy' variant (I got them at a bargain, yet normally timid
far from buys there because of their costs). Beside the name plan and shading changes, these
speakers are almost indistinguishable, with some minor changes in control taking care of and
development. You should likewise take note of that these speakers can't deal with their maximum
rating. Stick to entirely RMS esteems, which is 50W for these. Beforehand, I was controlling
these speakers from an old Alpine 3522S, which yields 30x2W RPS into 4 ohms and 40x2W RMS into
2 ohm. I had these 651s running in parallel with an arrangement of 461s in my dash, for a sum
of 2 ohms. I just got another vehicle, so for the present the 651s are simply being keep
running off of my head unit, a pioneer DEH-X6600BT, which puts out 15W RMS, despite the fact
that in beyond any doubt those cases are fiercely idealistic, best case scenario. Indeed, even
with these lone being fueled by the head unit alone right now, they get bounty noisy all alone.


These speakers 6.5" so they normally replicate a decent level of lows alone. Try not to expect
anything beneath around 50hz to be spotless by any stretch of the imagination, yet down to that
point is adequate conceded you have legitimately stable segregated your entryways (to avoid
reverberation). Lows do come up short in bass substantial tunes like shake, electronic/dubstep,
and some nation. At the point when there are a considerable measure of instruments filling the
low end of the sound range, the lows have a tendency to get sloppy rapidly IF your entryways
have a reverberation issue. On the off chance that your entryways are bigger (bring down
reverberation recurrence) like in a truck or van, or in the event that you have sound stifled
them, low drum and low register guitar is tight and punchy. 

Mids/mid bass 

This is the place these speakers truly sparkle. The mid bass on these speakers is mind blowing.
Drum hits are amazingly tight and punchy, alongside bass, and vocals are perfect and precise. 


Another high point (see what I did there) about these speakers is their tweeter. They utilize
an aluminum tweeter, which some say is somewhat brilliant for their loving, however appears to
sound level and clean to me. These do begin to end up contorted over 115ish db, even with a
decent amp, yet in the event that you anticipate wandering that high you ought to likely be
taking a gander at a segment set with a legitimate tweeter at any rate. 

By and large, these speakers offer a genuinely level and clean recurrence reaction. Power is
dealt with well, these things will get hammered. My ONLY complain with these speakers is that
they are genuinely wasteful. Without a doubt, I do like my music noisy, however I just felt
like I was turning the volume up higher to have the capacity to hear them. Or then again maybe
that was simply me needing to hear these marvels sing! Right now, I'm running a HU/speaker
combo that is like somebody simply beginning in auto sound, with only a fundamental head unit
and no amps. I am past satisfied with this setup as it may be, yet won't waver to amp these
things. The louder you go, the better they sound. Lows and highs begin to open up around the
100-110db check (around 50 on my pioneer HU). With an amp, you can appreciate what these things
bring to the table. 

Presently, I might be somewhat predisposition since I am investigating a more costly speaker,
however in the event that you could get comparative form and sound quality for $60 that Amazon
has these recorded for, I wouldn't falter to do as such. These are awesome speakers of a
fabulous value, I wouldn't pick whatever else (aside from perhaps their MM arrangement next
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