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3 Tips To Help You Get The Right Loan For Your Business

Acquiring a commercial loan is a crucial step when trying to buy or start a business.  Many
business owners put tremendous time and effort honing their business plan but put little effort
in finding the right funding source for their project.  There are many options of raising
capital for a business such as raising capital from friends and family, SBA Loans, conventional
loans, or private money loans.  There are many different loan products available to business
owners depending on the what stage they are in their business and the type of business. 
Getting the wrong funding can be detrimental to your overall business health and eventually can
cause failure.  85% of business who fail do so because they are capitalized properly so getting
the right funding is the most important key to your business’ success. 

Deciding your Loan Amount
Not too much, Not too little.  Too big of a loan and you will be struggling to make the monthly
payments. Too little of a loan and you will find yourself having to pay for a lot of items out
of pocket.  Let’s say that you acquired a commercial construction loan to build a property for
your business and you didn’t account for a 10% construction contingency.  What happens if the
project goes over budget? You will need to come up with funds to finish the construction
project which might hinder your working capital when your business opens.  

Loan Products
Knowing the right loan product for your deal is a key factor in long term success.  
There are many loan products that are made for different deal types.  For example, A CMBS Loan
is a 10 year fixed rate non-recourse loan so it is ideal for an investor that doesn’t want to
have a contingent liability on his balance sheet and wants to hold the property for at least 10
years.  SBA Loans are ideal for someone looking to acquire a business/ property with a very low
down payment or on a higher than average risk deal.  There are also private loans for
commercial properties which are mainly used for transitional assets that traditional lenders
won’t do; such as an unstable hotel that needs to be renovated and held for 2-3 years before
its revenues get to a certain point so it can be refinanced conventionally.  

Choosing the right lender for your specific deal. 
There are so many lending institutions that each offer different loan products.  A typical
business owner will first go to their banking lender to apply for a loan business loan.  Each
lender has a specific lending “box” that they lend out of so your local lender might suggest
the only loan product that they offer which is not the best loan product for your transaction. 
This is why a business owner should do their homework on all types of lending products or hire
a professional that can guide them through the world of commercial lending.  

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