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Is actually larger than most six. 5 speakers (in diameter) and can NOT fit my 2005 Acura TL
(Although Amazon indicated that it does). Double check on other websites before you purchase
this. I was not able to fully mount this (because it performed not fit) but I used to be able
to run some test on it.

Levels: Bass rocks! for a 6. 5. This is where this item a shine.
Mids: This does a fairly decent job.
Levels: This is how this product is lacking in performance. My spouse and i switch the EQ to
high frequency and We honestly did not notice any major dissimilarities from my Acura stock
audio system. I then ran it side by side with a 6. 5 Infinitude, indefiniteness Reference
series, the Infinitude, indefiniteness rocks. I wish We had gotten two pairs of the Infinity
instead but I was looking to save money and traveled with this cheaper set.

For the purchase price, it's an awesome deal if you are buying a bit more lows and mids. Should
you be looking for altitudes, look for something different or get yourself a separate set of