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Introduced these in my 2003 expanded taxi Tacoma. At first they sounded somewhat obfuscated yet
once they softened up a bit they sound marvelous. Regardless I have the manufacturing plant
head unit, and plan to update that in time, so that should improve them sound even. 

The tweeter reaction is incredible, cymbals and high frequencies are extremely fresh and clear.
I haven't played with the hybrid yet (left it at 0), however I like the choice of having the
capacity to increment or diminishing the tweeter reaction. I mounted the hybrid inside the
entryway board with craft glue, so it is effortlessly available by expelling the window control
board from the entryway board, so changing the hybrid is a two moment work. I had to adjust my
production line tweeter mounts to mount these in a similar place. Essentially I utilized a gap
saw to change the processing plant tweeter flame broil into a mounting ring, at that point hot
stuck the tweeters into these, and afterward hot stuck the entire get together into the
entryway board. In the event that you aren't sagacious with devices, you'll experience
considerable difficulties mounting these tweeters into your stock area (in any event if its
like my truck...) 

The woofers sound incredible however they are exceptionally missing on the low end. In the
event that you are searching for a ton of bass, you won't get it out of these speakers. I
intend to mount some TSD6802R's in the back which are checked on to have awesome low end.
Ideally this shields me from putting in a sub, as I like the little measure of room I have in
my expanded taxicab truck. 

General this match sounds brilliant and is an enormous redesign from stock. In the event that
you are matching with a sub or other combine of speakers with great low end, you'll be
exceptionally upbeat. On the off chance that you require this combine to direct out some bass,
you should take a gander at something different.